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Copy-paste cheat sheet

Tired of typing the same thing over and over? Just copy it from here

Reply button
Click that arrow next to a user's name to reply to them. Otherwise they don't get notified of the reply and might not see your message

What is Format?
Format is an Xxxx representation of your password, where X is a capital letter, x is a lowercase letter, and # is a number. For example, format for "Team Fortress 2" is "Xxxx Xxxxxxxx #". Alternatively, if your password gives away the answer, you can just say "all lowercase" or "all caps" or "first letter of each word capitalized", etc.

OMG LOL Winning Chance is -100.000% WTF LMAO ROFL
It's always like that for the first entry of a raffle. Refreshing the page will fix it.

Needs an ITH
Can you please make your puzzle into itstoohard.com puzzle? Because it's easy to make a mistake and one wouldn't even know which question(s) one got wrong, so it's nice to have a tool that will tell which ones are correct which ones are wrong so one wouldn't have to waste time.