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Some jokes and references that ended up being created during my scrap.tf experience

How did you end up here? I didn't even list this anywhere..

anything burning
1. Refers to a puzzle raffle with the riddle "what lives when feed, is very energetic, but dies when it drinks". Normally the answer would be fire but for this one it was "anything burning"

Are you died?
1. Refers to a puzzle raffle. The raffler claimed "are you died?" was the password but it wasn't. We never found out what the real password was. It was created before scrap.tf made puzzle answers visible after the puzzles end, and we lost the raffle. UPDATE: Ok holy shit, I didn't expect to find the raffle but we did. What a trip! The format the raffler provided was incorrect that's probably why we couldn't enter it.

(to) Chuck Norris
1. A puzzle, the answer for which is stated literally but in a sneaky way.
"Anyone that answers this raffle will win the scrap". The password is "this raffle"
1. To create a Chuck Norris puzzle
He Chuck Norrised it, didn't he?
2. To trick using a Chuck Norris puzzle
He Chuck Norrised us all
3. To attempt to solve a puzzle as if it was a Chuck Norris puzzle
I tried Chuck Norrising it but it didn't work

(to) compadre
1. Hiding crucial to the puzzle text in a comment. Originated from tornadre compadre's puzzle that caused a lot of rage

"Donald you were right it's 6 words"
1. This comment was posted on this puzzle raffle that was only solved by a single person who guessed the answer rather than solving the actual puzzle. Note the two errors here: 1. The name should be Ronald. 2. It's 6 letters not words
OMG that's so funny. guys you should have tried to guess it! I did not solve I guessed the answer. Donald you were right it's 6 words

1. Something people say in comments to a puzzle they somehow got really fast. Chances are I struggled with it.

First puzzle
scary thing
1. Most likely unsolvable, vague, no format, or hints in Entered Message
My first puzzle! Good luck!

1. Impossibly vague. Originated from a puzzle by the user named HinterX
That's a HinterX level of puzzle

pholtos (hint)
1. A hint that pholtos gives that you won't realise is a hint until you solve the puzzle and re-read his message
upon closer inspection, there are indeed enough hints.

Spongebill Squaredbracket
1. Comes from this puzzle that asked "Who lives in an Oakwood under the school?", referring to their teacher.

The item in tf2 that have piss in
1. Refers to this puzzle where 21 people guessed "jar" instead of "jarate" and this where the answer was "sydney sleeper"
Dont let this puzzle distract you from how 21 people guessed jar on the the raffle when asked what tf2 item had piss in it

What's 1+1
1. A puzzle with too many answers
2, 3, 11, 10, window

What's 2+2
1. Similar to 1+1. A puzzle with too many answers
4, 5, 22, fish